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Frequently Asked Questions

If you discover that someone else is listed as living at your address, it could be that the information is outdated and shows a previous owner/tenant or it could be that someone is using your address fraudulently. See the FAQ section entitled "LocateFamily.com and Credit" for more information…

If you discover that someone else is listed as using your telephone number, it could be that the number was assigned to the individual in question prior to it having been assigned to you. If this is causing you any problems you can simply make a request to have the number removed from public view by using our removal page located here...

One of the collateral advantages of LocateFamily.com is that we inadvertently obtain and display data showing some sort of irregularity.

When a user discovers a discrepancy in the information displayed that is concerning himself/herself, it could simply be a typographical error or it could be a sign of fraudulent use of his/her information.

When the latter is apparent, the user may make a request to have the information removed from public view and should consider obtaining a credit report from all applicable credit reporting agencies to ensure that his/her identity has not been used in an unauthorized manner.

Name and address information is often disclosed by individuals via social media and online forms (etc.) and is readily available through various business channels, as well as on the internet through many public forums and social media which are readily and easily accessible to members of the public.

When you enter into a transaction during day to day life, you knowingly provide your address information as well as other information. The businesses in question then often do with as they please when it comes to your information, often with your direct consent.

In addition to using this information for marketing purposes they may share, redistribute or even sell your information to third parties.

Many governments also make your name and address information available publicly via web portals, such as building or company ownership and taxation and land evaluation web sites.

Some telecommunications companies sell your call history as well as your contact information and some internet service providers sell your surfing history with your contact information and IP address.

LocateFamily.com obtains information from various sources globally, but will only accept and display, information that is considered non confidential, such as name and civic address.

LocateFamily.com will not disclose the exact source of the data because we consider our methods proprietary and a trade secret.

Yes, over the years LocateFamily.com has helped many people find family, loved ones, friends, etc.

A page on which a message is posted on LocateFamily.com is indexed quickly by Google and all the major search engines. This means that messages are usually found by the other parties quickly after being posted, thus bringing these people together.

When a message remains displayed for years, it also, is eventually found and people are brought together.

We have helped all manner of people reunite, including individuals searching for their biological parents or children; old friends looking for old friends; family members who have faded away over time; etc. We have even been the messengers of sad news for some who have discovered that the one they are searching for have left us.

Either way, LocateFamily.com’s primary goal is to bring people together in a positive way.

Members of law enforcement, corrections, the judiciary or any other employment of a sensitive nature can request that information pertaining to them be removed for safety reasons by using our removal page located here.

These individuals must identify the agency that employs them either by the e-mail address making the request or by indicating it in the comments section of the removal form.

If you make a request to have information removed, your request is saved permanently. Whenever we perform an update to LocateFamily.com we verify the removal file and do not display information if it is found in the file, but ONLY IF the e-mail address used to make the request is valid. If at the time of the update, your e-mail address is not working and returns an error, your request is considered invalid and the information may be re-displayed. (2017/05/18)

As of May 2017, we no longer accept e-mail addresses from services that offer temporary or "disposable" e-mail addresses when making a request to have information removed. When a request is submitted using such a service, the request will be rejected. (2017/05/18)

GDPR: Even though LocateFamily.com and its parent company are not located in the European Union and have no business relationships in the EU, we will respect any individual's desire to have information removed, regardless of country. If we are unable to ascertain the identity of the individual making the request as it pertains to the information being removed, we will occasionally request reasonable identification (for EU residents: pursuant to Section 1 article 12 paragraph 6 of the GDPR). Reasonable identification is any legitimate document that shows that the name and address of the person making the request is the same as the information being removed, and can be as simple as a business card, mailing label, invoice, statement, etc.