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Are you looking for someone in particular who is not currently listed on You can now announce who you are looking for to the world! We will insert your search announcement right within the list of family names for that person. In other words, if you are looking for John Doe, we will insert your message within the listings on the page with information about the John Does of the world. This will indicate that you are looking for John Doe and will allow anyone reading your message who has information about John Doe, or even John Doe himself, to respond to your search announcement. Simply complete and submit the form below to include a search announcement. You must fill in all the required fields or your request will not be listed.

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You may include a message that is displayed on the page for this person. This message is visible to everyone and will be indexed by search engines like Google. The advantage of a public message is that you can include information that may help the person you’re looking for find you, for example: “Looking for John from West Hill High School’s Class of 1980”. If John is out there and searches West Hill High he will probably find your search announcement. You may enter your message in a language that is translatable by Google's translation service. If our administrator is unable to read and understand your message, it will be rejected for safety reasons. Profanities or inappropriate content will simply be rejected by our automated SPAM system.

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